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Vision and purposes

Our main objective purpose is to develop and bring some changes in our Rural Society through establishment of long lasting constructive project which will bring rapid changes in the lives of deserving people of our society and help them to be self depended. Remove social partition, torture, depriving etc. by seeding i.e. creation civic senses into the mind of all classes people . This Organization is non political, non profit Social self help Organization.


1.Children Education: Health and Care and some progressive method to build up and develop their lives .
2. Youth Welfare : Help the youth generation through some constructive Project and change their financial position and to protect social offenses in the area to create social peaceful, nice and progressive environment .
3. Women Welfare : In our Society women are backward due to proper education i.e. lack of education specially in rural area also due to this problem and financial inability they have no progress, suffering from various diseases, ill health for want of proper healthy diet. Our vision to make some projects i.e. like handicrafts where they can work and utilize their skills to earn and develop their lives. Also arrange loan for some women who are capable to develop sewing clothing, Poultry, Dairy and Fishing projects .
4. Male Welfare : Protect and establish legal Human Wright . Develop and change their lives through some incoming Projects , arrangement of jobs , remove all religious bar torture, cheats, depriving, hatred and work shoulder to shoulder with love, peace and through removing social obstacle of superstitious with a view to create nice happy and progressive environment. Also arrange Meeting, Seminar, Workshop and Symposium to develop, grow and bring light of civic senses in rural area amongst all classes people which will make us happy and peaceful living by removing religious bar, classification in between rich and poor.
5. Welfare of Physical, Mental and Brain disabled : We must treat the Physical, Mental and Brain disabled people as our essential bodies of the society and take all necessary step to bring them as partners of our development projects.
6. Take part in humanity Services : Establish Projects and create humanity, social feelings i.e. mentality to serve amongst the male and women of the area and next generation .
7. Unity amongst the Social Welfare Organizations : Celebrate the National and International Days together with all Social Welfare Organizations.
8. Make all necessary arrangement of Social Sports, Cultural and Recreational activities amongst the male, female and children for amusement and mental enjoyment.
9. Take special part in Government Development works as well as get involved with helping mind to put hands besides the victimized people at the time of Cyclone, Flood, Fire etc. to serve the best of capacity.
10. This Organization will move with the time taking in to consideration for better services and welfare of the needy and deserving people.
11. Welfare for Rootless and Helpless : This Organization will take necessary step to set up Projects to help the rootless and helpless people.
12. To Create Social awareness: This Organization will work on various sides and aspects Locally, Nationally and Internationally to expand social activities and will set up necessary projects to serve the purposes.
13. To honor and welcome the Talent and Potentials who has proved their intelligence in serving the people to the different sectors of society to encourage others by taking Suitable working program with a view to help to develop of the society.
14. Arrangement of Competition : To encourage people to attend competition in Literature, debate, Cultural and Sports to prove their power of creativity, intelligence and skills.



Contact person : Esmeralda Quiah (CEO) Cell:+8801712092978 [...]